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Winnie Sock by LittleBlueOwls
for Anjy by LittleBlueOwls
ID3 by LittleBlueOwls
Chibis are 100 :points: or $1
Sketch are 100 :points: or $1
Line art is 500 :points: or $5
Colored lineart is 1,500 :points or $15


Points for my group and prizes for my group
A Memebership


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am also always found in :iconthecrystalgems:

Respect the wife :iconbeeshoneypot:


Yu App by LittleBlueOwls
Yu App
I am not quite satisfied but I will edit and improve after he is sumited into :iconkami-no-manimani:

Name: Yu Chen
214 (appears late teens to early twenties
Bouquet Arranger
August 12

Relationship Status:

Shen Long
Can Summon Storms and lightning, and flowers grow better around him

Lightning attacks
wind attacks
can fly
strong as a dragon
Weak against earth attack
speed attacks
not physically strong when human
not a fast flyer

Likes: Flowers, Spicy goods, his bf, strong and kind people, gardening, arranging flowers, natural rain, and quiet days
Being made fun of, pushy people, being called names, people who bully or judge, bitter foods and his emotions being on display
Personality: He is a sweet boy who only wants the world around him to flourish. He has always though it is best when the world around him was bright and well taken care of. That makes him a bit of a bleeding heart. He tends to get his to get his feeling hurt pretty easily. He is good ot his friends and he loves them deeply. He would fight for them with his life and his family.

Yu had a very nice life as the decendent of the ShenLung, his family was rich and he learned all the skills he needed to be a noble and so did his sisters, twins, and his younguest brother would start soon. A fact in this life was that he would be married off to a wood dragon  when he came of age, and for all his life he was okay with that until he met the gorgeous girl. She was sweet and smart and pretty and well spoken. She was perfect. He took a small step out side, feeling a bit overwhelmed and took of his top layer. Then his next. Then he started to run and began shedding more layers until he was naked and flying off. It took him a while to find a good holding after running away and trying to hide form his family. He was reminded of his talents with plants and even flowers and started toi sell his beautiful bouquets leading him to village as an artisan.
Extra: Has second eye lids for flight and emotions are often shown by a small cloud
Rubelite - Crystal Gems app by LittleBlueOwls
Rubelite - Crystal Gems app
I made this for :iconthecrystalgems:
I had the harst time on the damn foot



Rubelite, or Li
(raspberry is also a name he goes by but only can person can call him that)

October 27,  700... ish? Realitivly young

5'2 and 14lb

Preferably Male

Fan Blades

[Gem Power]
Wild Fire- He spits out a sticky substance from his stomach that ignites on air contact into a napalm like fire. He had very little at the moment

[Gem Name]
Raspberry Tourmuline / Rubelite
On the lower back

Rubelite was born on homeworld, he was held to a higher expectation due to his rarity. It took them not very long to see potential on him with the power of a wind blade. Even if it was very weak at first. They started to train him as a warrior but quickly became disappointed in him.A new program had begun for weaker gem that he had been told about so he thought it would be a good idea. It was not the raining program he had hoped it to be, he had become an experiment. Many had subjected him to harsh trials and unreasonable fights, and some was just plain torture from these 'scientists'. One scientist took pity on him, one with long hair and a sweet smile. He asked him questions and patched him up. It was hard to believe he was among them. He heard that because he wasn't showing progress with him, that he was going to sent back to one of the other scientists. Nope. He waited until Aura had went to get something and escaped as quick as he could. He traveled for a bit, staying low while before he came to earth. Asia actually seemed nice and quiet and he was small enough to fit in. When he heard of the invitation to stay with the group of gems who were against homeworld he jumped right in. It was not long after that he met the nice scientist again, not quiet remembering him at first but quickly falling in love with him upon meeting again.

He doesn't like much and definitely doesn't like many people. He is not very trusting of anyone, human or gem alike. At first he seems to be very shy and very cute but he has attitude and a temper a mile wide. Please don't try to touch him without permission and don't try to joke with him. He tends to take everything very seriously and usually ends up trying to cut you. When you get closer to him he is rather sweet and funny and a bit clingy. Most of that will be reserved for Aura exclusively. Also, don't first with Aura, he is very jealous. He will cut a bitch at first sight.

+Simple things

-Training (complex relationship)
-Being pestered

[Miscellaneous Information]
He can transform into a Cat and a Poulagin
Often the cat ears and tail show up randomly to show his true expression (annoyance at you)
marker challenge by LittleBlueOwls
marker challenge
Lilith and Skell cuddling
Not my best but I am proud of Skell, he looks so damn menicing
I seriously need money
I'm starting water color commissions for $15
$5 for more then two characters
$5 more if the background is complex
I need groceries and I have to pay bills

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