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Winnie Sock by LittleBlueOwls
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Chibis are 100 :points: or $1
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United States
I am the co-founder of :iconfallen-eden: and we are looking for members or at least watchers

I am also always found in :iconunderworld-residents: or :iconunderworld-minis:

Respect the wife :iconbeeshoneypot:


{ N a m e } Pale Moonstone (white)
{ A g e  &  B i r t h d a y } June 1, about 7000 years ago but looks 21
{ G e n d e r }  Bi gender but prefers female
{ H e i g h t  &  W e i g h t }  5'9 and 127. She is slender but curvy
{ H a i r C o l o r } Long  Powder blue, parted over her left ear
{ E y e  C o l o r } Sky Blue
{ S k i n C o l o r } White
{ B i r t h m a r k / t a t t o o s } Rabbit shaped tattoo on shoulder
{ G e m  T y p e / l o c a t i o n } Left ear in the form of a cuff
{ W e a p o n }  Mirror. This mirror can mimic the rivals weapon with a modified handle, and to a certain extent
{ P o w e r } Mimicry, at the moment able to mimic fighting style
{ P e r s o n a l i t y }  Rather calm person by nature, loving, sweet, and caring. she tends to be a bit motherly
{ H i s t o r y } She was born in a kindergarten off planet, on Venus a long time ago. She was a bit of a late bloomer with her powers, making her want to watch and be around those who were move advanced with their powers and their weapons. She watched them and tried to mimic them but her over all need was to make sure they were not harming themselves or each other as they learned. However, not all saw her need to help as a good thing. They thought her annoying or even meddling. An over zealous sapphire with a sword decided she didn't like the way she liked Pale had been treating an opal and decided she would attack Pale since she had no weapon yet. Moon had defended at the last moment with a matching sword but a different handle. Paying close attention to the rash girl, she deflected her hard blows and even landed a hard blow herself, shattering the other's sword. Seeing her potential, they asked Pale to be sent to other Kindergartens to help raise the new gems. Though she often hadn't ventured past the Kindergartens but on occasion she liked to watch the progress of the curious humans and their fun little culture, though violent and short lived as they seemed. she grew to love them and even went tto their odd versions of the kindergarten and played with their children. As the gems became more and more aggressive with the planet and the humans she began to hate the home planet and their rough ways on the humans. She had joined the rebel group and defected. she came pretty close to being shattered and died but she made it threw. She spent the long time after that nurturing humans and wandering the Earth.
{ L i k e s  } Ribbons, long skirts, flowers. helping the young, keeping other's safe and singing
{ D i s l i k e s } Causing harm to others, other's who cause harm, eating, bad smells, sticky things, home world 
{ O t h e r } She usually wears long skirts with a blouse of some sort. On occasion she will wear dainty bracelets or ribbons
Moon Stone App
I hope the drawn out version will becoming soon but I really love her design and her caring personality
Lilith sketch by LittleBlueOwls
Lilith sketch
my computer is still broken and I am limited since I don't have Photoshop
This is what I could do with that I have but I hope you enjoy... and if you want to help me get a new computer, commissions are open
1. Favorite TV Show? ((If not one, top five))
Steven universe. It's hard for a cartoon to be beautiful
2. Which website was your first step into the internet?
3. Favorite fairy tale, legend, or myth?
Eros and Psyche. What is more romantic then the god of love falling in love? Nothing.
4. Are you a fan of horror movies?
Yes but I prefer the terrible ones~
5. If there were a real-life Purge ((24-hour period where all laws are obsolete)), what would you do?
I have 4 shot guns and live on a farm. Bring it on bitches
6. Favorite name for a cat?
7. Griffendoor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?
8. Top 6 Pokemon
Typlosion, Glacion, Chandlier, Umbion, Laprus, and Absol
9. Favorite video game
Any Zelda game
10. Do you think I, TrashKun, am cute? ((sorry))
Yes~ //nibbles all over

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